Sunday, March 14, 2010

People change, people grow

It's a nice sunday morning with clear blue sky and of course with my breakfast song - Put your records on. :) Consider myself healthy without alcohol from saturday night. :) Infact i had tong yuin and ice cream last night with my fella good friends. :) Time couldn't be any better. Especially you've few good friends around. Well i guess we just need a few good friends, that more than having tons of hi-bye friends. That's all it matters. And of course Family members. I guess i'm getting older where i learn to cherish them more and more. Having our new born baby girl is a bless for our family. Come to think of it, i don't really need much happening events or dates to fill my weekends.  A cup of tea is just fine! and i'm going for high-tea with my gals later! yay!!! Wishing you guys out there having a fun sunday.:)

Sharing: This is my niece. She was sleeping soundly when i secretly took her pic. :)


  1. clicked "Like" :)

  2. yea! simple = nice
    all da best to you!! ;)

    vyvyan "meimei"

  3. I wish your niece grow up healthy and happy! ^u^

  4. Thanks anonymous :)
    Hey Miss, xie xie for your support. :)visit me more often :)
    Mei mei, thank you and all the best to you in finding job you like o :) btw ur blog is nice :) thumbs up :)
    Sam, thank you so much for your wishes. she's a lucky charm. she has a pair of beautiful eyes (too bad i didnt get to take that pic). will show you guys next time :D