Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween! :P

Welcome to my winter wonderland

Click to see the detail pic of my winter wonderland, guarantee no regret if you are another xmas freak! :) 
i know i'm a lil bit too excited / weird as Halloween is just about to come only! :P
So what? i'm christmas freak! hehehehe. i like it more than any other occasion! :) I've more prints to come, so make sure you visit me more often, okay? :)  Right now i'm trying to find printing source, card making supplier etc. Hope i can find one perfect supplier soon, so you can have a piece of this card or poster.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Too many things to draw, too little time for it

Ta-da-da-di-doo to draw/do list (just before i forget)
1. Typewriter with " i -l-o-v-e-y-o-u" / i-h-a-t-e-y-o-u"/"t-h-a-n-k-y-o-u" alphabet on d keys (depends on my mood)
2.Candy vending machine
3. Imagine you are a cute little ant/bug who tries to ski from top of the ice kacang mountain and there are things like cable cars,skating ring etc
4. Annabelle looking from inside of a bottle, longing for the outside world
5. Annabelle enjoy looking at the big blue sky while laying on the whale's curvy tail
6. My pebbles
7. Picnicking on top of the whales
8. Annabelle sits on top of a paper plane and travel across the rainbow/ ??? (can't think of one yet)
9. My little bugs sit on top at the edge of star and start fishing? or using bino to peep into earth? at someone's house?
10. Rainbow slides?

Just smileeeeee

Some children illustration with polka dot again. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Something vintage to share with :)

i'm thinking to print this out and frame it with a white wooden frame, then it would look perfect! :)
For those of you who are alcoholic, you can actually BUYYY (ok, i sell you at cheap price, since i haven't start making any business yet !) this print from me. It would be lovely piece of  print to hang on your girlfriend's bedroom. :P

Ok, here is another piece of it. Just different color. Specially make this piece for alcoholic girls to BUYYY so you can hang it on your boyfriend's new bedroom. hehehe ** a hint for someone**

Isnt' peanut butter and jelly bread/ sandwich your favourite breakfast during childhood time? It's just yummy!


Oppsss...this is what your girlfriend gonna tell you when you step across the boundary. :P 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good bye my 12 years old cassette

I have 3 cassettes in my car drawer all these years, but just cant be bothered to throw it away and it's a bit cacat anyway. Until yesterday, an idea came across my mind. :)

And this word "F*ck you" came across my mind today. So the word and the casette are interlink into one. Tada so this is where all these idea came from!  After shooting and editing it, here i smile again. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday **Mobel**!

A happy birthday card to my dearest friend:  Mobel Mabel written in 7 languages.

Everybody needs a light

Lately i'm feeling a bit crossroady.Start thinking which direction i should be heading to. Can someone please lead me the way?Hmm...i think i have to stop asking, in order to be truely who i am. I found a light so far, which can bring me ten steps ahead the road, but i haven't found a light that can bring me a thousand miles ahead..perhaps i will find it someday? * i really hope so, as i believe that dreams create passion then it triggers you for actions *
This light is made of 200 over pieces of 3x6 cm left over acrylics combined into one. I collected these small left over pieces from my papa's office. Thought it would be a waste to throw it away. So this is how i got this creation at zero cost! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Introducing my nephew!

I came across something interesting lately about my young little nephew.Which i think is hilarous enough for me to ROFL! Kids kids kids! are just irresistably cute although they are cheeky at times. Sometimes a simple smile can warm your heart or make your heart sings!or even simple act can make you melt like an ice cream under a hot sun! Here is some sharing on things he did: 1. Fed my papa with a peanut while he's sleeping with mouth open widely. 2. Twist on someone's nipple when that someone was sleeping (Dont think too much, that someone is a HE! and of course he's topless. otherwise how would a kid know where to twist it on!ahahha) 3. Share his bread with me, from mouth to mouth...*This is really Heart Melting* 4. Kiss his parents marriage photo and fed the photo with peanut as well! All i can say that kids are just unpredictable! Some might think kids are troublesom or such a brat...but don't you think you will have more stories to tell or he has more stories to share when grown up? :) It's memories that you can't buy with money. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Double celebrations and happiness, as my dad's birthday falls on the same day as mid-autumn fest as well. So we celebrated it with the whole apartment! :)

Aren't they so adorable? :)