Monday, December 28, 2009

Good bye december

It's a tiring night, a boring night with my laptop on. Looping Vereda Tropical. Thinking about this year at this time. This december. It has been my favourite month since i was really young. Why is so? because i love holidays, i love my birthday, i love christmas so much, i just love celebration.But this december isn't as fun as i though. i dont feel like christmas, i feel nothing. I'm back to square one, i have not been enjoying this month due to personal reasons, i have no inspiration nor in good mood. i just feel like sleeping under sky and watching the stars for days and nights. isnt that fun and relaxing? i havent been creating much artwork lately. In few days time, i'll turn this space into a more commercial site. hoping i can sell some of my artwork here. i even have my namecard designed and ready to be printed.I'm thinking what's my resolution for a new year? what is yours? mind to share? :) i think i'll just set a few simple one will do, just to ensure i can make it. 1. create more artwork & build stronger portfolio  2. visit at least 2 countries (i've booked one for coming march) 3. Earn more money  4. Out of routine work (i really hope so) :) Adios!

Friday, December 18, 2009