Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a rainy day


  1. I love your illustrations! This is so sweet!

  2. your feelings will transformed into creations,
    so rainy day represent ... is it?

  3. hey sam, thanks for your support. drop by more often :)
    My owl barn, hey i love your webbie sooo sooo much! really nice side. your blog is on my top list to visit now. wooohoo :) Thanks for your support too. :)
    Anonymous, hi there, sometimes my inspiration comes from feeling or surrounding. So this time is surrounding. Because it was raining right here in Penang about two weeks ago. And poofff, suddenly this onions cry idea came into mind! :) n i think art doesnt need logic and meant to be understood sometimes :) Thats the magic part of arts :) Thanks for dropping by. visit me more often. Have a nice dayyyy!

  4. great..but the 2 purple and white onions give me this feel...haha!!! keep it up